Dear Representatives/Friends,
I hope that you all will be fine and doing the good job for the promotion of Bredan Fou Martial Arts at your regions and country.


After observation of two years we felt that many representatives of WBMF are not giving any progress and didn’t do any practical work at a all but their working and activates just showed on paper work, that thinks very harmful for WBMF.


So recently we have called a directors’ meeting at Islamabad, and discussed all the matters gradually, and out of the final result of meeting some important rules and regulation amended and following necessary points also need your attention and obeying.    


1)      All WBMF representatives must be paid Advance -50 /-Euros as annually fee. That annually fee should be deposited on the below mentioned account as soon as possible and enable us to send you by post “ WBMF Official Bredan Fou Martial Arts Instructor Card” 


Bank Name:                       HABIB BANK LIMITED.

                                          DEHRI HASSANABAB BRANCH

                                          RAWALPINDI. PAKISTAN.


Account Title:                     RIZWAN HUSSAIN


Account Number:  13057900034403


Note: It is very necessary to pay annual fee for keeping the work easy and running of our federation. Dear all this is your own federation and it’s our duty to make progressive in best way to our federation with this annual fee.       


2)      All WBMF representatives must be lunched two Bredan Fou Championships in his country annually. It is very necessary for promoting the Bredan Fou Martial Arts.


3)      All WBMF representatives must be posted all pictures and videos and other information to Headquarter of WBMF.


4)      All WBMF representatives must be made national level federation of Bredan Fou in you countries.



5)      All WBMF representatives must be forwarded or provided the all information of their board of directors at earliest.


6)      All WBMF representatives must be attended all seminars, Championship and Training Camp of bredan fou at any place in world otherwise failure will be provided the explanation letter to president 2 weeks prior to that event.


7)       All WBMF representatives must be paid some normal charges against any Bredan Fou Martial Arts Training CDs, or Ranking Certificates.


8)      All WBMF representatives must be lunched their “WEB SITE” and “OFFICIAL E-MAIL” and report to WBMF Headquarter as soon as possible and update the information of Bredan Fou on their site with maximum information of our style.


9)       All WBMF representatives must be informed before lunching of any activity for the promotion of Bredan Fou Martial Arts


10)  If any WBMF representatives/members want to get special training at WBMF Headquarter, he/she will be pay special charges of that training.

Benefits of World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation:

  •     World Recognition.

  •   Non-political Organization.

  •     International Seminars.

  •     Black Belt Testing and Recognition’s.

  •    Institute Registration Certificate.

  •    Friendly Cooperation Between Countries.



All above mentioned points are very essential and obeying of the same are very necessary for all representatives and members. If any one not fulfill the above mentioned rules, we will be cancelled their membership.

Furthermore, our basic requirement is good members and representative that do practical work with sincerity and loyalty for the promotion of Bredan Fou Martial Arts. There are many other Martial Arts Federation are working, around the world but most of them has just the values on paper and on internet ,and there is no any fact or practical entity of that federation.

Basically our aim is to promote Bredan Fou Martial Arts in the world and make a plate form to combine all masters and players of martial arts and show great brotherhood.


We are sending you an application form please send us back after fill the form through by post and also e-mail us.(with signature & stamp).


For query or information please feel free to tell us.


Best Wishes,


Grand Master Rizwan Hussian


(World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation)


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