World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation have came in to being in Jan 2006.The motive of World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation (WBMF) is to promote new Martial Arts Breden Fou And purpose of this Federation is to provide a platform to the masters of the world of all martial arts styles to interchange their views and the problems they face to promote any martial arts style. It is arranged to know the techniques of every martial arts among each other, to point out the mistakes and the improvements that must be taken place. This organization will arrange world seminars and will invite the masters of all martial arts styles which will be registered with this Federation to perform their styles and to share their views.

As we appreciate all styles of Martial Arts therefore we invite every real martial artists.Karate, Kung Fu, freestyle, kickboxing, Kenpo and a host of other martial arts have been able to compete in this impartial, equitable, world renowned collective of martial arts styles and forms.

I hope that this open-minded approach to martial arts and acceptance of all styles will made the WBMF  the most enjoyable seminars on the martial arts circuit and will improve the power of a martial artist as we head deeper into the 21st century.Bredan Fou Playing In Many Countries of World.   

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