Grand Master Dr.Rizwan Hussain

My Titles

1-Founder of Bredan Fou Martial Arts.

2- P H D Degree in Philosophy of Martial Arts from USIGMSU World Wide University

3- Black Belt 10th Degree in from Wakazamurai International Martial Arts Organization (Turkey)

4-Black Belt 10th Dan from International Grand Masters Council (USA)

5-Black Belt 10th Dan from World Martial Arts &Defensive Sports Federation

6- Black Belt 10th Degree from International Combat Martial Arts Founder Union ICMAUA.
(Latvia- Europe)

 7-Black Belt 10th Dan from Polish Federation of Martial Arts & Defensive Sports.

 8-Black Belt 9th Dan From World Ju Boxing Federation.(Italy)

9-Black Sash 9th Degree from International North Wushu Kung Fu Association.
(Hong Kung)

10-Black Belt 8th Dan from World Pangration Athlima Federation

11-Black Belt 8th Dan from World Sokeship Founder & headmaster Alliance Grand Master Council

12-Black Belt 7th Dan from International Koryu Bujutsu Federation.

13-Black Belt 7th Dan from Koryu Bujutsu Ju-Jutsu Federation.

14-16- Black Belt 7th Degree Frorm International Ninjutsu Society (USA)

15-Black Sash 4th Degree from Asian Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu

16- Master Certificate From Jeet Kune Do Association.(France)

 My official career                             

(World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Fedration)

      2-President. Asian Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation

      3-President ( World Martial Arts Master,s Organization )

      4-Vice President (Asian Sholian Choy Lay Fut Wushu  Kung Fu Federation)

       5-President ( Pakistan Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation )

       6-Representative of International Kenpo Karata Federation (Argentine)

Representative of World Self Defence Federation Germany}

        8-President (Black Dragon Chines Martial Arts Federation of Pakistan)
Prtesident  (Pakistan Federation of Pangration Athlima)

10-Official Representative of Internatinal Grand Master Council (USA)

11-International Directore of  International Ninjutsu Society (USA)

12- Internation Representative of  World Martial Arts&Sports Federation (Poland)

13- Official Representative of  World Ju Boxing Federation.(Italy)

14- Official Representative of International Koryu Bujutsu Federation. (Poland)

15- Official Representative of Wakazamurai International Martial Arts Organization (Turkey)

16- International Directore of International Combat Union. (Serbia)

17- Tecniqal Directore of World Self Defance Organization (Italy)

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